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Pakistan is the 6th richest nation of the world having coal Reserves of 185 Billion tons. The Government of Sindh (Pakistan) has awarded to Fateh Thirty(30) years of Lease for Coal Mining Over an area of 12,758 acres equivalent to 52 Sq Km which represent 26% of the entire Lakhra Coal-Field in the province of Sindh. Fateh has also been awarded  lease for coal mining over an area of 5,992 acres at Jhimpir Sindh. The conventional mining is in process and likely to move for the installation of coal washing plant, the first time in the history of Pakistan. Ukinterengo and Science Research & Development “ Lviv TEP” is preparing feasibility report for the installation of Power Plant to generate electricity upto 200MW. The project is valued at US $ 70 million creating employment opportunity of 1,000 peoples.

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